Monday, December 13, 2010

Federal Judge Rules Obama Health Care Scam Unconstitutional

Obama's health care scam suffered a serious blow Monday, December 13th. Clearly an over-reach of federal power, Judge Henry Hudson, of Virginia, ruled that the federal government cannot force people to buy health insurance.
Granted, Judge Hudson did not strike down the entire health care law, only the individual mandate provision. Perhaps if Democrats in Congress had read the bill, and adhered to the Constitution, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Rep. Eric Cantor, the incoming Republican House majority leader, said: “Ultimately, we must ensure that no American will be forced by the federal government to purchase health insurance they may not need, want, or be able to afford.”

Of course this is just one small step, but it is in the right direction in getting this unconstitutional, Socialist, economy crushing bill, REPEALED. Score one for Liberty, and the Founding Fathers!

“Congress should begin to repeal unconstitutional laws and start exercising congressional oversight of executive branch agencies that menace our freedoms.”

– Ron Paul